Stihl 026 VS 026 Pro (Make The Better Choice)

You are looking for a great chainsaw and you have researched the market. Now, it’s down to Stihl 026 and 026 Pro. But, you have no clue which one is better.

So, Stihl 026 vs 026 Pro, which chainsaw is better?

Stihl 026 and 026 Pro both are pretty great and popular chainsaws. They do have a couple or more differences.

But the primary difference is the 026 Pro has an adjustable oiler and a decompression valve.  Other than that, they are both pretty identical in terms of performance. 

This information is not enough and you cannot make a solid decision based on only that. After conducting thorough research, we came up with an answer.

Stihl 026 vs 026 Pro: Short Comparison 

We will discuss all there is to know about these chainsaws. But before we move into that, take a glance at this short overview first:

FeaturesStihl 026Stihl 026 Pro
Engine48.7 cc48.7 cc
Weight4.7 kg4.9 kg
Decompression ValveNoYes
Adjustable OilersNoYes

As you can see, they are more similar than different. So, we need to have a detailed discussion on the differences to make a decision.

Stihl 026 and 026 Pro: Detailed Comparison

We will now lay out the differences between these two models in detail. After going through this discussion you should be able to make a choice.

Factor 1. Engine and Horsepower

As we have seen, both of these models have the same engine and horsepower. That means these two models of Stihl chainsaws are identical in power and performance. So, nothing to compare here.

But, what is a good engine size for a chainsaw? 

Typically, engine sizes are measured in CC, the more the better. For domestic purposes, you need a 32 to 45cc engine.

That should cover most of your needs. But for commercial or professional purposes, around 50cc or more is better.   

That makes Stihl 026 and 026 Pro a powerful chainsaws for domestic uses. Also, you can use them for professional work if it’s not too heavy.

So, considering engine power and performance, it’s a win for both 026 and 026 Pro.

Factor 2. Weight

There is not much difference between these machines in terms of weight. But 026 is slightly lower in weight compared to the 026 Pro. Though the difference is only 200 grams, still, a difference is a difference.

But, it brings up the question, what is the average weight of a chainsaw?

The average weight of a regular-sized chainsaw should be within 10-15 lbs. But it completely depends on the type of chainsaws you are referring to.

If it’s a small-sized electric chainsaw, then 6lbs is average. Or if it’s a large-sized gas-fueled machine then it can exceed 20 lbs.

So, considering this, we can see that these two machines are at the perfect weight limit.

They have the standard weight of an average chainsaw, which is great. If a chainsaw weighs more than it should then it would be harder to use.

Winner: Stihl 026.

Factor 3. Availability 

Both of these models are very hard to find. Because they are discontinued by the manufacturer. Despite that, it is still very much popular worldwide. 

You can still find them on different e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and such. If you are lucky you might even find one in mint condition. Also, some people may sell you a modified version.

If you know your stuff then you can make modifications yourself. Like, you can change the bar size or use different parts for performance optimization. For example, you can use a smaller bar.

If you cannot find either 026 or 026 Pro, here are suggestions you can look into later. 

You might ask, what replaced the Stihl 026? Stihl has developed a better version of Stihl 026 and named it MS261.

Also, it’s hard to find the parts for them. You have to be very lucky if you do find a part. But be cautious cause you might get scammed.  

Factor 4. Decompression Valve

This is one of the main differences between Stihl 026 and 026 Pro. The pro one has a decompression valve and the regular one does not.

Decompression valve release makes it easier to turn the engine over. There are also other uses of a decompression valve that are very beneficial.

Winner: Stihl 026 Pro

Factor 5. Price

They are both out of the market so the prices will vary a lot. It will totally depend on their condition or if any modifications have been made to them.

On average, you can expect to spend 50-400$ for both of them.

Factor 6. Adjustable Oilers

Lubricating your bar and chains is pretty important. Having an adjustable oiler makes it so much easier. In this case, Stihl 026 Pro is ahead because it has an adjustable oiler. 

Having an adjustable oiler definitely helps. ATF oil can be very good for your chainsaw bar.  However, it won’t matter if you don’t use good oil.

Winner: Stihl 026 Pro.

It’s Time to Make a Decision

We have discussed all the things to dissect the differences. Now it’s time to make a choice.

Considering the features, clearly, our winner is Stihl 026 Pro. But they are very hard to find, so you would be lucky if you get one. 

Even if you do, they might not be in a good condition. So, do check before you invest your money.

A faulty chainsaw might show some problems. A common problem is having a spark and fuel but not starting.


What is the longest bar for a Stihl chainsaw?

The longest bar for a Stihl chainsaw is 60 inches. It ranges from 10 inches (for pole pruners) to 60 inches (for extreme feeding operations). They have eighty-plus bar configurations to match the unique cutting requirements.

Is it okay to put the Oregon bar on a Stihl chainsaw?

Yes, you can put an Oregon bar on some Stihl models. Especially the 16-inch Oregon bar and the S55 chain fit some of the Stihl models. Check to match the bar and engine size for better compatibility.

How long do chainsaw bars last?

Chainsaw bars could last for 10 years unless it is damaged. The life expectancy actually depends on the hours of use. If you are a light user your chainsaw bars might last even longer. It could even outlast your chainsaw.


We now hope you know which is the better chainsaw for you between Stihl 026 vs 026 Pro. Not it’s your call to make the selection.

That is all for now. Good luck in making the decision.

Robert Carlson

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