Ridgid Tile Saw Troubleshooting (5 Problems + Solutions)

In the mid-way of cutting the tile, your Ridgid tile saw stopped working. Now, are you wondering why this interruption was caused?

It’s pretty normal for a tile saw. Many other people also face this problem with their tile saw.

Now, do you want to know the procedure for Ridgid tile saw troubleshooting?

You can face multiple issues with your tile saw. Trigger issue is one of them. Stranger noise from the motor rotor. The saw sparks or smoke is a problem regarding tile saw.

Saw power drop problem people usually face with their tile saw. Also, the saw stopped working in the mid-way of work is a problem.

We will gradually discuss all the procedures to find out the problem with your tile saw. And provide all the necessary solutions for them. 

5 Common Problems of Ridgid Tile Saw

Here we will discuss 5 common issues that people usually face with their tile saw.

However, we’ll also discuss the procedure for finding out the problem. After that, we will come up with the solutions. 

For a better understanding, you can go through the following table carefully. Troubleshooting table for your convenience.

ProblemFind OutSolutions
Trigger Issue All other parts are ok but after pressing the trigger it does not startUnassemble the trigger and clean the connection part.
Bearing Issue Stranger noise from the motor rotorOpen the motor rotor part and check the bearings. Check if it is broken or not, if so, change the bearings.
Expired Motor BrushSparks or smoke from the sawChange the motor brush
Loose Connection of Trigger Switch and Motor Brush Breach Saw power dropFix the trigger switch connections or change the motor brush
Engine DamageSaw stop working in the mid-way of workUnassemble the engine and fix the issue

Now, it is the turn to elaborate on the whole procedure. All 5 problems and solutions are discussed here one after another.

Problem 1: Trigger Issue

Trigger issue is one of the common problem people usually face with their Ridgid tile saw. For trigger issues sometimes your tile saw can be slow when working.

Again, sometimes your tiles can be stopped fully for trigger issues. 

In that case, first, check all other possible problems. If you find everything ok then it is sure that your tile saw has a trigger issue.  


To solve the trigger issue you have to first remove the trigger part. Then you have to clean it carefully.

Trigger issues usually arise from the contamination in between the trigger switch.

After cleaning the trigger switch try to work again. You will find your tile is OK. 

Problem 2:  Bearings Issue

The bearing issue is another most common issue for the tile saw. People usually face this issue very often. For cutting the fragile tile bearing can be damaged so often. 

You can find two types of bearing problems. One is bearing cracks and the other is moving away from the place. 

These issues can be found very easily. When bearings become damaged, it passes a stranger sound.


I’ve already mentioned 2 bearing problems. First, if your bearing cracks away then you have to change the bearings. After changing the bearing the sound will be stopped automatically.

Next, if the bearings move away from the place, then first you have to remove the bearing.

Then you have to place the bearings on the right spot. After placing it in the right spot you have to tie it strongly.  

Now, try to use the tile saw and see if there is any stranger sound. Hopefully, the sounds will be removed. 

Problem 3: Expired Motor Brush

The expired motor brush is another very common problem with tile saws. Many people do not take care of the motor brush. Even they do not know the expiry date of it.

An easy way to understand motor brush is expired or not is sparks or smoke from the saw. When the motor brush date expired the smoke or spark. 


If your motor brush expired then you have to simply get a new one. Get a new motor brush and replace the brush. 

After replacing the brush the tile won’t spark or smoke. 

Problem 4: Trigger Switch Loose Connection or Motor Brush Brach

Sometimes you may see your tile dropping the power. It can happen for two reasons. Trigger switch loose connection is one of them. And motor brush beach is another reason. 

But now how do you identify the exact reason?

To find out exactly what the problem is, first, check the motor brush. If you see the brush is Ok then it is a trigger switch loose connection issue.

Now let’s see how to fix the issue. Well, fixing it should be easier than fixing regular bandsaw motor issues.


For the trigger switch issue, you have to clean all the dirt in between the switch. If it does not work then you have to change the switch.

On the other hand if the motor brush breach, then you have to change the brush. After changing the motor brush power decreasing problem will be fine.

Problem 5: Engine Damage  

If your engine stops working in the mid way then that is for the engine damage. 

There are multiple engine damage can be happened. Let’s see next how to identify and solve the actual issue.


If engine damage happens then you have to unassemble the engine first. Then you have to check all the components of the engine. 

You have to check all the parts one by one. If you do not have complete knowledge about the engine then go to the experts.

In terms of engine damage, we always recommend calling for service. In case, if you want to buy a new tile saw then there are some very good collections on Amazon.

 These troubleshooting procedures will help you to find out the Ridgid tile saw problems. And these solutions we discussed in this post will help you to solve the problems with your tile saw.


How do you turn on the laser on a Ridgid tile saw?

To turn on the laser on a rigid tile saw first, press the LED work light button. By pressing the LED work light button you can either on or off the laser light of a Ridgid tile saw. To fix the position of the laser light there is an option to move the light around. 

Why is my tile cutter breaking tiles? 

For the fragile nature of the tile, your tile cutter can break tiles. The best solution for this problem, use a diamond saw and also use the water supplier. By making it wet the tile becomes less fragile. But the best solution is using the diamond saw. 

Can you use a tile saw for pavers?

Yes, you can use the tile saw for the pavers. Tile saw has been designed for the heavy design process. You can use the tiles saw for pavers or stone cutting. This type of saw is very suitable for multiple works.  

Wrap Up

Now, it is time to wrap up the discussion. In this article, we tried our best to provide you the effective solutions regarding Ridgid tile saw troubleshooting.

The procedure which we discussed can be very handy for you if apply it properly.

Hope all this post will be able to solve the problem of your tile saw. 

Good Luck!

Robert Carlson

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