How To Turn Off Light On Dewalt Drill? (4 Easy Ways)

Talking about tools, Dewalt is an amazing brand and it always delivers high-quality power tools. It’s trusted by millions of professionals for their daily work.

Becoming a DIYer or a professional depends on the tools you own. However, it’s frustrating if that tool suddenly puts you inconvenience.

So, you’re asking how to turn off the light on the Dewalt drill?

To turn off the light of your DeWalt dill, try removing the batteries, using the side button, removing the key, or simply resetting the key. Meanwhile, there are some other reasons behind DeWalt drill lights remain on. 

Interested in knowing in detail about the methods and reasons behind it? Don’t just wait. It’s time to get started.

How Do Turn off the LED light on Dewalt Drill?

Every professional or do-it-yourself project needs a DeWalt drill. However, the majority of us use it without being aware of how to turn it off. On a Dewalt drill, there are four ways to turn off the light. These are

Method 1: Remove the Battery

This method works for almost everyone. Sometimes old batteries cause problems with the DeWalt light.

Take your Dewalt drill and remove the battery including the cover. Replace the old batteries with new ones. Now start the drill and check to see if the light is off. 

If this method doesn’t work, move to the next one.

Method 2: Use the Side Button

This is another method to turn off the light in Dewalt drills. Place the drill on a flat surface. First, remove the protective cap on the drill. Now look for the button at the back of the drill. 

Press this button and keep holding it until the light is off. If the light doesn’t go off after pressing this button, try this method once again.

Let’s try the next one if the first doesn’t work.

Method 3: Remove the Key

Some Dewalt drills have a side button in them to turn off their lights. You will have to remove a key in order to turn off that button.

After the key is removed you can access the switch. Once you turn off the side button you can turn off the light. If there’s no key on your drill move to the next method.

No luck? Try the next method.

Method 4: Resetting the Light Switch

If nothing works, try resetting the light switch. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, turn off the drill and unplug it from the power source.

Step 2: Around the switches, remove each and every screw.

Step 3: After that, take out the switch and install a fresh one.

Step 4: Put all the screws back in place and plug the power cord. Now let the battery charge for a while. Turn on the drill after a full charge to check if it has been fixed.

In case you have a cordless one, let’s find out how to solve the issue.

How to Turn off Light on Cordless Drills?

Let’s solve the issue for the Cordless DeWalt as we did with the Ridgid cordless nailer. Cordless drills have a slightly different method of turning them off. Meanwhile, it also varies with which model you’re using.

Turning on the drill also turns on the LED light, which indicates the drill is on. Most cordless drills have the same method of turning off. 

On some models, the LED light turns on in 20 seconds. Therefore, verify that your model is one of them. If it’s not, you can hold down the trigger until it turns off. Some models also have an additional light-off feature.

Hopefully, it’s clear now what are the methods of fixing the issue with your drill. We’d like to discuss the reasons why this happens now. Knowing the reasons will help you to prevent them from happening again.

Why Does My Dewalt Drill Light Stay On?

Usually, there are five common reasons behind this reason. The reasons are as follows: 

Reason 1: Faulty Batteries

Faulty batteries are the most common issue faced by people. If removing and inserting the batteries again doesn’t solve the issue the batteries are defective.

You can use a multimeter to test the lithium-ion batteries of your drill. If you don’t want to go technical just replace the batteries with new ones.

If the batteries are not the issue, move to the next one.

Reason 2: Defective switch

If you have a DeWalt drill with a detachable light, you might need to disconnect it. Once you’ve turned the light back on, see if the problem is fixed or not.

Sometimes the light stays on even with the light detached from the drill. It means that your drill has a defective switch that needs to be replaced or repaired.

Reason 3: Bad ground

Another reason why your drill light remains on is because of bad ground. Check whether your power cord is going around sharp corners or not.

There is a possibility that the power cord bit end is not properly connected. Try using a voltmeter to measure the power loss or replace it with a new one.

Reason 4: Faulty charger

Some models have faulty charger issues such as a hot-cold delay. For instance, the DeWalt DC902 power tool is a great tool except for the charger part.

The manufacturers did make some mistakes while designing the charger for their product. In case your unit suffers from this problem, you will have to get a new charger.

Reason 5: Dirty switch

A dirty switch is another reason your DeWalt Drill Light will not turn off. Frequent usage of the drill will produce dust and debris on the switch. Hence, it can’t be toggled to turn off the light.

Final Thoughts

For professional mechanics, DeWalt is one of the most preferred brands. We’ve tried to cover all the reasons including methods to answer your query. If the problem still persists, consider taking the drill to a mechanic. 


How can I unlock a DeWalt drill?

When unlocking a Dewalt drill, you must turn the screws clockwise instead of counterclockwise. The reason is that the screws are reverse-threaded. Once the screw gets loose the teeth will allow the drill chuck to open. Then, you can unlock the drill.

What do the lights mean on my DeWalt drill charger?

In a DeWalt drill, the red light indicates the charge has been completed. And, red/yellow light flashing at a fast rate indicates problems. Also, the light blinks continuously while charging. So, next time you face problems regarding your drill light.

How long do DeWalt lithium batteries last?

DeWalt batteries are highly efficient and generally last up to 3 years. DeWalt uses a powerful lithium-ion battery to serve you on the go. So, if you take good care of the batteries they can last beyond the expected lifespan. Make sure you always use a good charger to charge the batteries.


DeWalt is undoubtedly one of the best power tool brands you can rely on. It is also one of the most preferred brands for professional mechanics.

Hopefully, we could solve your issue on how to turn off the light on the Dewalt drill.

Let us know which method you’ve applied to solve the issue. We’ll see you at the next one. Good luck!

Robert Carlson

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