Fein Slugger Vs Evolution 380 (Answer Revealed)

There are a lot of tools available for cutting the metal into the desired shape. But sometimes you might be confused. Among them, both Fein Slugger and Evolution 380 are notable.

So, you might be confused about which one is good between Fein Slugger Vs Evolution 380.

Considering the cutting speed, Fein Slugger gives you more advantages. It cuts at a speed of 3800 RPM. Where the Evolution 380 cuts at 1450 RPM. However, considering heavy metal and powerful cutting, the Evolution 380 is a perfect choice. Also, it will save you some extra bucks.

Well, it’s just a trailer. There is a lot you should know before making a decision. So, sit back. Spend a couple of minutes. Then you can choose the best one for you.

Fein Slugger Vs Evolution 380: Quick Comparison

Previously, I mentioned that both function for the same purpose. Hence there are some differences between them. Just like you will find differences between corded and cordless routers.

FeaturesFein SluggerEvolution 380
Main Power SourceBatteryCorded Electric Wire
Motor Current12A12A
Power1.9 HP2.4 HP
Weight22.9 LBS55 LBS
Cutting Speed3800 RPM1450 RPM

By seeing the above table, you think you get the answer. But you need to learn more to make a decision. We are now going to discuss these features briefly. After that, your task will be easier.

So let’s start.

Detailed Comparison

Now I am going to discuss these features a little bit. After that, you can choose your necessary one. So let’s look at the below discussion

Factor 1: Main Power Source

The first feature of “Fein Slugger Vs Evolution 380” is the power source. Both of these need a power source to operate.

For Fein Slugger, the power source is just the battery. From a battery, this cutting tool gets its power.

On the other hand, the main power source of the Evolution 380 is a corded electric wire. Also, it needs a 1 lithium-ion battery.

So we can see the Evolution 380 needs an additional power source to operate.

Hence Fein Slugger will give you an advantage in this feature.

Winner: Fein Slugger

Factor 2: Motor Current

The next factor is the motor current. This indicates how powerful the motor is.

The motor current of the Fein Slugger is 12 A. On the other hand, the motor current of the other one is 15A. So the Evolution 380 has a more powerful motor. This cutting tool can cut heavy-weight metal.

So if you want heavy metal cutting, the Evolution 380 will give you the advantage.

Winner: Evolution 380   

Factor 3: Power

The next feature is power.

In the previous feature, I have already mentioned which one is more powerful.

As the Evolution 380 has a more powerful motor, it will create more power. It creates around 2.4 HP power. So it can cut mild steel like a knife cuts butter.

On the other hand, the Fein Slugger creates 1.9 HP which is less than the other.

So for powerful metal cutting, the Evolution 380 is the suitable one.

Winner: Evolution 380

Factor 4: Weight

Then comes the next feature which is weight.

Fein Slugger has a weight of 22.9 pounds. On the other hand, the Evolution 380 has a weight of 62 pounds.

So the Fein Slugger is much lighter than the Evolution 380. So you need to face less trouble for Fein Slugger for maintenance purposes. Also, it can be moved easily.

So in this case, Fein Slugger is also ahead of the others.

Winner: Fein Slugger

Factor 5: Cutting Speed

Now come to the next feature. It is cutting speed.

Previously I have mentioned which one is more powerful. Now let’s see which one is less time-consuming.

The Fein slugger has a speed of 3800 RPM. On the other hand, the Evolution 380 has a speed of 1450 RPM.

So the speed of the Fein slugger is more than double of the other one. So the Fein slugger will cut a metal sheet faster.

So if you are thinking about saving your time, definitely choose Fein Slugger.

Winner: Fein Slugger

Factor 6: Price

So far we have discussed the power. Also, we discussed speed. Now time for the last feature. It is also an important one. Because the budget is one of the key issues.

Analyzing the market, it is seen that Fein Slugger is expensive.

On the other hand, the Evolution 380 is a little bit cheap. Also, you can check the price.

Winner: Evolution 380

Additional Factor: Cutting Smoothness

Before ending our discussion, I want to add one more feature. This feature is about the accuracy and precision of the tools.

Basically, the general cutting angle of both tools is 45 degrees. But you can change the angle of the tools according to your use.

The Fein Slugger can cut smoothly in more depth than metal. It has an integrated laser guide. As a result, the cutting accuracy of this tool is more.

On the other hand, the Evolution 380 has an effortless angle cut. It is better for heavy metal cutting. But in the case of deep and smooth cuts, it is a little bit behind. It cannot cut so deeply into a metal.

So you ultimately get the winner in this case.

Winner: Fein Slugger

Final Decision: Fein Slugger or Evolution 380?

Now it’s time for the final decision. We have discussed 6 factors along with an additional one. From the discussion, we can make some decisions.

If you are thinking about smooth cutting, Fein Slugger is for you. Also, it will give you more accurate and smooth cutting.

But if you want heavy metal cutting like a stainless steel rod, you should go for Evolution 380. Also, the price is less. So you can save some money also. Again, if you have less budget, this is the perfect one.

So I have compared these two by various features. Now check your priority. Check which one is feasible for you. Do you want fast and smooth cutting? Or do you want heavy metal cutting?

Also, you can check an exclusive product below:

Hopefully, you can easily choose the perfect one for you now. Now let’s move on to the FAQs.


Can Fein Slugger cut a square tub of 6*6?

The answer is no. Because if you cut, there might be a chance of the bearings going bad. As a result, your tool might be damaged.

What is the required voltage for each tool?

The required voltage for both tools is 120v. So the required voltage for the 2 tools is the same. But the current flow is different.

Which metals can be cut by the Fein Slugger?

Fein Slugger is a very powerful cutting tool. You can cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals with the Fein Slugger. So you don’t need to worry about the materials.


So now it’s time to go. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. We have discussed briefly Fein Slugger Vs Evolution 380.

Now first consider your situation. Then select your tool accordingly.

Hopefully, your purpose will be served. Leave a comment if you face any problems. Or do you need any kind of further help?

Good Luck!

Robert Carlson

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