Dewalt & Bosch are 2 of the best router producers in the world. Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch Colt GKF125CEN are the best example of their products.

Most people get confused when choosing between these two & you’re no different.

So, which one is better Dewalt DWP611 vs Bosch Colt?

Well, Dewalt DWP611 is better than Bosch Colt GKF125CEN. The DWP611 provides more adjustability and ease of operation. In addition, Dewalt provides 2 years more warranty than Bosch. & finally, there are more compatible accessories available for DWP611 than Bosch Colt. And, they are cheaper as well.

This information should not be enough to make your purchase decision right? We’ll cover every aspect of the comparison. It’ll ensure you spend your money on the right palm router. 

Now, let’s know a bit more about palm routers.

What Is A Palm Router?

Palm routers are the most compact version of routers available on the market. These routers can be corded or cordless.

The corded ones get power directly from your home electricity. The cordless ones, on the other hand, get power from built-in batteries.

You can operate this kind of router with just a single hand. These are used for small projects. These come very handy when you need precision and agility in routing wood.

But how do you choose the best palm router for your work? Let’s find out.

What Should You Look for In A Palm Router?

Palm routers are usually used to bring precision & agility to woodworking. And when it comes to precision & agility, some factors play a big role.

These factors include adjustability, durability, accessories compatibility, price, and many more.

So, let’s find out how these factors differ and why we recommend Dewalt DWP611 over Bosch GKF125.

Dewalt DWP611 vs Bosch GKF125Cen: Brief Comparison

Whether it’s a comparison between 14 and 10 bandsaw or DWP611 and GKF125CEN, we need some grounds. 

Palm routers are usually used to bring precision & agility to woodworking. And when it comes to precision & agility, some factors play a big role.

These factors include adjustability, durability, accessories compatibility, price, and many more.

So, here we are with the summary of our comparison review. We hope this table will help you to compare the two products.

Features / ProductsDewalt DWP611Bosch Colt GKF125CEN
Depth AdjustabilityEasierHarder
Base Adjustability180° RotatableNot Rotatable
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Accessories AvailabilityHigherLower
Accessories PriceLess ExpensiveMore Expensive
Customer Reviews (Amazon)4.8 (Total 3,058 Reviews)4.8 (Total 962 Reviews)

As you can see, Dewalt has some advantages over Bosch in certain aspects.

Now, we’ll discuss the factors in detail for both products.

Let’s jump into the detailed comparison.

DEWALT DWP611 vs BOSCH Colt GKF125CEN: Detailed Comparison

Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch Colt both provide almost similar features. However, here we’re comparing the factors in detail that play vital roles in a palm router.

1. Depth Adjustability

Depth adjustments of a router which we think is the most important part of a router.

Let’s find out who provides more depth adjustability between DWP611 & GKF125CEN.

Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch GKF125CEN both provide a wide range of depth adjustable features. However, while testing them for a long time, we found the DWP611 to be easier to adjust.

So, why that? Let’s break it down.

Well, it’s easier to adjust depth with Dewalt DWP611 because of the twister it uses.

The twister allows you to do micro & macro adjustments with ease without any extra switch. And the hand feel and ease of adjusting are not comparable with GKF125CEN.

Bosch GKF125CEN on the other hand performs really well when it comes to micro & macro adjustments. But there are some downsides to it.

The adjuster is quite stiff and takes a lot more effort than the DWP611.

In addition, there is a major complaint against the GKF125CEN. Many users reported that the teeth of the height adjuster break frequently. And the worst part is those teeth are cut right into the motor.

Hence, if the teeth are broken, there’s no way to fix it rather changing the whole motor. And, it’s quite expensive.

So, the Dewalt DWP611 is the clear winner here.

2. Base Adjustability

Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch GKF125CEN are both wired routers. And the wire might become a barrier when working on different edges of the wood.

So, how do they differ? Like the depth adjustability, is DWP611 more base adjustable than GKF125CEN?

The GKF125CEN has a ball design wire connection that makes the wireless stiff. However, you cannot rotate your base on the GKF125C which is a downside.

The DWP611 on the other hand provides you with the base rotation feature. You can easily rotate the base 180°. It makes working on different edges of the wood more accessible than the Colt GKF125CEN.

So, again, Dewalt DWP611 is the winner here.

3. Durability and Warranty

Both Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch GKF125CEN are quite durable. There are people who have been using them for over 10 years. So, durability isn’t an issue for any of them.

So, they both are durable enough. But who provides a longer warranty between Dewalt DWP611 and Bosch Colt?

Well, Dewalt provides 3 years limited warranty whereas Bosch provides 1-year limited warranty. Hence, you’re more relaxed with Dewalt DWP611 than Bosch Colt.

Hence, Dewalt DWP611 is again the winner in the warranty period.

4. Accessories Availability and Price 

You can get a handful of accessories available on amazon & eBay for Dewalt DWP611. Accessories for Bosch Colt GKF125CEN on the other hand are quite rare in both markets.

When it comes to the used market, again it’s more convenient for Dewalt than Bosch. You’ll find many used Dewalt DWP611 & its accessories on eBay. But used Colt GKF125CEN or its accessories are quite rare on eBay.

And finally, the price. As we all know the higher the supply, the lower the price. Hence, Dewalt DWP611 accessories are cheaper compared to Bosch Colt GKF125CEN accessories.

So, Dewalt DWP611 is the winner in accessories availability & price sections as well.

5. Reviews

Dewalt DWP611 & Bosch GKF125CEN both have a lot of good reviews. However, they have got some bad reviews as well. But that’s quite rare and normal for this type of electrical equipment.

Hence, we’re concluding this as a tie between Dewalt and Bosch.

6. Miscellaneous

Bosch Colt GKF125CEN features 1 LED whereas Dewalt DWP611 features 2 LEDs. But let us inform you, it’s not a huge factor you should be worrying about.

The Bosch Colt features a single-piece collet which makes it easier to work with. However, Dewalt provides a locking mechanism. So, you don’t need to use a double wrench to work with the collet.

Both Dewalt and Bosch feature a soft starting motor which reduces the torque while starting. However, we noticed Dewalt be a bit quieter than Bosch. But, that’s not a groundbreaking advantage.

So, it’s a tie here for Bosch Colt and Dewalt DWP611.


According to our testing experience, we found Dewalt DWP611 superior to Bosch Colt in most aspects.

For example, Dewalt DWP611 is more adjustable and its accessories are widely available. As a result, the price of the accessories is cheaper for Dewalt as well.

So, we confidently recommend our readers Dewalt DDWP611 as it’s the best bang for your buck.


What’s the Difference Between a Palm Router and Trim Router?

Palm routers are the most compact version of routers available on the market. Trim routers on the other hand are a compact version of regular routers. Palm routers can be used with one hand & are used to work on small projects. Whereas trim routers are used in comparatively bigger projects.

Can I Plunge Cut With a Palm Router?

You can plunge cut with a palm router if your router is compatible. Plunge base gives you more flexibility in routing woods. If your palm router supports the plunge base, you can plunge cut with yours. Check your router’s manufacturer’s website to find out if your router is compatible with the plunge base.

Why Is My Router Bit Not Fitting to My Router?

Your router bit will not fit into your router for 2 reasons. You bought the wrong sized bit or the collet is not loosened enough. If your router bit size & collet size are different, they will not fit whatsoever. But if they match, make sure you loosened the collet nut enough to fit in the bit.

Take Away

Dewalt DWP611 and Bosch GKF125CEN both are the leaders in the palm router market. However, Dewalt provides some important features that make it superior to Bosch Colt.

We hope this article was helpful for you to make the right decision.

Happy routing.

Robert Carlson

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