Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable With Black And Decker?

The battery is a notable device in our daily life. There are various types of batteries of different brands. Among them, the Dewalt 20V battery and Black And Decker are significant ones.

These two types of batteries share some common features. So one question comes to mind. Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable with Black and Decker?

The simple answer is yes. You can do so for a short period of time. But for a long period of time, you cannot do so. Because there are some sensitive issues. As a result, your device may damage.

But don’t worry. We will explain more. So you need to sit back. Read through. And in the end, all your confusion will be cleared.

Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable with Black And Decker? 

In one word, the answer is yes. But it is not recommended. Why? Then you need to be with us for a couple of minutes.

Dewalt 20V batteries and Black and Decker batteries have some same features. So you can think one can be interchangeable with another. 

But there are some opposite factors you need to consider. So first we need to check which features are the same for both of them. They are presented below:

Features Dewalt 20V Batteries Black and Decker
Voltage 20 V 20V
Current Flow 3 Amp 3 Amp
Material Lithium Lithium
Ampere Ratings 1.5Ah to 9.0Ah 1.5Ah to 4.0Ah

So we can see that there are similar features between them. Then why cannot we interchange them? Because there are other factors you need to note down.

We will now discuss these factors. After that, all your confusion will be cleared. 

Why You Shouldn’t Interchange Dewalt 20v Batteries with Black and Decker?

Reason 1: Electrical Connectivity and Power System Problem

In the previous section, we have shown some similarities. So you can think about where the problem is. So let’s start with the main problem which you can face.

Adapter for Black and Decker Tool

According to experts, interchanging is not a good idea. Because every battery has a dedicated electrical circuit system.

So one type of battery won’t definitely fit in the other kind. Sometimes interchanging two different batteries might damage the electrical circuit system.

Also, the charging system of Dewalt 20V is different. There can be cold or hot deals on the charger. So you can face problems while charging.

As a result, interchanging is not a good idea. Also, there is a severe risk of damaging the power system of the device.

So there are several risks of interchanging between Dewalt 20V and Black and Decker. And this is not recommended to interchange between them.

Reason 2: Load Capacity

The second reason you need to consider is load capacity. The load capacity of the two batteries are different.

Dewalt Batteries have the capacity of handling high loads. Also, it is renowned for handling rough and tough loads.

On the contrary, the Black and Decker batteries are not for high loads. It is comparatively weaker than the Dewalt Batteries.

So if you interchange, the device might be damaged. Also, you need to face trouble further.

Reason 3: Quality

The next thing you need to consider is quality. The price of Black and Decker batteries is cheaper. So if you want to save some money, you can definitely go for Black and Decker.

But it won’t provide the quality that Dewalt Provides. However, the longevity of Black and Decker batteries is appreciating (Up to 5 years).

Because the parts of the Dewalt battery are quality full. The price might be higher but it will give you quality service. 

So in the case of Black and Decker, you won’t get the service like Dewalt 20V Batteries. So your purpose won’t be fully served.

So it is wise not to interchange between them.

Reason 4: Weight

The fourth reason is weight. The weight of both of them is not the same. The Dewalt 20V Battery has a weight of 3.5 pounds.

On the contrary, the Black and Decker has a weight of 14 ounces. (0.875 Pounds)

So the weight of the Dewalt is higher. There is a high chance the Black and Decker might not be fit. It will be loose in a Dewalt 20V device.

Reason 5: Product Type

Product type is one of the most important reasons. That is which kind of devices you are using.

The Black and Decker is for household materials. Like drills and screwdrivers. Also, it is used in various garden applications, kitchen appliances, etc.

On the other hand, the Dewalt 20V is used in high-load equipment. Basically, it is for professional use. So Dewalt 20V is used for high-load professional purposes.

So first you need to determine where you are using your battery. Then you should choose your battery accordingly. But it is wise not to interchange these two batteries.

Reason 6: Warranty

The last reason is the warranty. From market analysis, we can see that Dewalt 20V gives you 3 years warranty.

On the contrary, Black and Decker provide you with a 2 years warranty. So we can see the Dewalt 20V is more reliable. Thus you will be on the safe side. 

On the other hand, you will get less maintenance service from the provider for Black and Decker.

So you have to worry more if you interchange between them.

The Summary

We have discussed 6 reasons so far. Every reason contains a vast explanation. After explaining, we have given individual verdicts. So now it is time for one specific decision.

From our discussion, it is not recommended to interchange Black and Decker with Dewalt 20V.

There is a thing to note down. That is Black and Decker is cheaper. But it won’t give as good quality as Dewalt 20V. Also, its warranty is one year less. As a result, you definitely might face difficulties.

So it is wise not to interchange between them.


Among Dewalt 20V and Black and Decker, which is one for consumer use?

Among these two, Black and Decker are for consumer use. Another one is for professional use.

Do Both Dewalt 20V and Black and Decker use the same number of batteries?

No. Dewalt 20V uses 2 lithium ion batteries. On the other hand, Black and Decker use 1 battery. Also, compatibility is not similar. In this case, they both are different from one another.

Can We Interchange Between Various Models of Dewalt 20V?

No, you can’t interchange between various models of Dewalt 20V. Because the connector system is not the same. You can try but you might face problems. Also, there is a moderate chance of damaging the device. So interchanging is not a wise decision.

Final Words

So now it’s time to wrap up. Here’s the end of the journey Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable with Black and Decker?

After completing this article, you can come to a decision easily. Interchanging is not a wise thing in this kind of work.

Every electronic device is manufactured sophisticatedly. Also, there are some other factors. One system cannot fit into other systems.

So be wise. Consider all the factors. Then take the decision accordingly. Hopefully, this article comes to your work. Have a nice day. Good luck!

Robert Carlson

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