2 Ah VS 3 Ah (Battery Capacity Comparison)

When you are buying a battery, you tend to contemplate various aspects. Choosing the right Ah is one of those. Hence, in this guide, I provide you with a detailed comparison between 2 Ah vs 3 Ah.

When comparing, we need to consider a few factors. Like function, power, runtime, etc. In terms of power, 3 Ah can provide 36 Watts per hour. Whereas 2 ah provides only 24 Wh. The 3 Ah battery also provides much more runtime than the 2 Ah one. In most other aspects, too, a 3 Ah battery beats the 2 Ah.

In this guide, I solve all your confusion and queries. You can gather a clear understanding of which one to choose once you go through this.

What Does Ah Imply In A Battery?

It means Amp hour. And a battery’s charge capacity is calculated in amp hours rating. Theoretically, you are able to draw about 5 amps continuously for an hour. Then a 5 amp battery will drain eventually.

What I just said applies for only to ideal circumstances. That includes no vibration, constant power, and optimal temperature. You actually can not attain these exact conditions in this actual world. And due to that, it is labeled as a competent charge. 

You may consider Ah as a standard to specify if a Battery Ah can conserve charge longer than others.  

You can get your battery’s amp hour by multiplying the current by its discharge time. You can also assume how long your battery is gonna survive while generating a certain level of current.

2 Ah VS 3 Ah: Comparison 

So, to compare between 2 Ah or 3 Ah batteries, you need to consider a few factors first. These factors are the functions of both types of batteries and their capacity of providing power.

Also, their runtime and compatibility matter a lot. You have to know all these in detail and only then you can properly decide:

Factors 2 Ah 3 Ah
Weight 0.80 Pounds 1 Pound.
Charge Time (From 0%) 20 mins 35 mins.
Battery Capacity 2 Amp 1 Hour 3 Amp 1 Hour.
Battery Size  Smaller Bigger than 2ah.
Compatibility with 18v tools Compatible with all Not compatible with all.
Battery Runtime 1-2 hours 1-3 hours.
Discharge Rate 2 times the battery charges 3 times the battery charges.
Nominal Voltage 3.6 V 3.6 V.
Temperature Lower More than 2Ah.
Price Starts from $20 Starts from $25.

So, that was the brief table for you!

In-Depth Comparison: Tool Battery Capacity

In this segment, I am gonna discuss all the factors in detail. So, it is easier to assess and distinguish between 3 ah vs 2 ah.

Factor 1. Function

Let us start with the first factor which is function. Knowing the functions of 3 Ah battery and 2 Ah battery is crucial to differentiate them.

A 2 Ah battery is gonna give you 2 amps of current per hour. Sometimes, it is 1 amp current in 2 hours. On the other hand, a 3 ah battery is gonna give you 3 amps of current every hour.

So, if we consider the amount of current obtained per hour, 3 ah battery beats 2 ah.

Winner: So our clear winner in this is a 3 Ah battery.

Factor 2. Power

Can a higher Ah battery give more power? This is a common question for all battery users. 

Now let us get into which one can provide more power.

Power is calculated in watts. It amounts to current in Amp multiplied by the battery voltage. This suggests that higher amp-hours is certainly gonna give more power.

Here is the calculation for you:

12 V 2 Ah battery power = 2 x 12 = 24 watt-hours

12V 3 Ah battery power = 3 x 12 = 36 watt-hours

So, as you can see, a 3 Ah battery definitely provides more power than 2 Ah ones.

Winner: So, again, in terms of providing more power, a 3 Ah battery wins the game. 

Factor 3. Runtime

Battery Runtime

The runtime of any battery is also a very important factor. You should always choose the one that is capable of offering more runtime.

In this case, a 2 Ah battery will give you a run time of about 20 minutes. Sometimes a few minutes more on moderate use. Also, it can vary slightly depending on which brand you are using.

Whereas, the runtime of 3 ah battery is about a whopping 60 minutes. Much more than 2 ah battery.  

Winner: So, clearly, if you want more runtime, pick the 3 ah battery.

Which One Should You Choose?

So far, you have hopefully gone through the detailed comparison between 2 Ah and 3 Ah batteries.

As you have observed, the 3Ah battery provides you with relatively more power. Also, when you count current per hour, the 3 Ah battery serves again. You get 3 amps per hour from it. Whereas a 2 Ah will provide you 2 amps per hour. Or 1 amp per 2 hours.

Furthermore, a 3 Ah battery is compatible with all 18V tools. This is something a 2 Amp hour battery lags behind.

In the case of price, 3 Ah is a bit higher. But considering the advantages you get from it, it is fair. So, definitely cost-effective.

However, a 3 Ah battery can take a few minutes more to be fully charged. But considering it provides a runtime of 60 min compared to 2 ah’s 20 min. It’s a win.

So, after considering everything, my recommendation would be to choose the 3 Ah battery. Here get some recommendations from me.

These are some really good batteries.


Are Higher Ah Batteries Better?

Yes, higher Ah batteries are definitely way better. Be it in terms of delivering additional current, or more power. A higher rate of Ah car battery would deliver more CCA. Not to mention more runtime.

Does a 3 ah provide more current than 2 ah?

Yes, 3 Ah provides more current when compared to 2 Ah. The current you get from a 3 ah battery is about 3 amp in 60 minutes. Whereas a 2 Ah battery will give you a 2 amp for 60 minutes. 

How long will my 2Ah battery last?

A 2 Ah battery lasts about 20 minutes when in the fully charged state. Yet, this time amount may differ relying on specific brands. And also it sometimes even lasts a few minutes more. But that is if you put it through moderate use. 

Wrapping Up

Hope I have resolved your questions about the comparison between 2 ah vs 3 ah.

Now you know all their features and functions. And along with that, you know how one delivers better service than the other.

As I have already mentioned, my recommendation would be to go for a 3 Ah battery. However, it is completely your choice depending on which one suits your preference.

So, that was it! Have an awesome day!

Robert Carlson

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